Are you interested in learning astrology?

1621899_619661281436626_319208358_nAre you interested in learning astrology?

While there is no substitute for reading and studying the massive amounts written on the subject, I recommend embedding the learning process in your life in a simple way. Read some of the many daily horoscopes and readings out there on the internet.

Over the past decade, my intrigue into astrology has guided me to and through many people’s works. Some of them have maintained a place in my daily process. From them I have learned some of the important themes and information regarding an understanding of the art/science.

The following are some recommended astrologers who will expose you to concepts in astrology. They all have their own flavor and personality. It’s a variety, so explore and see what fits for you.

Astrologer recommendations

Terry Lamb does a daily forecast for a website called Day Keeper Journal. She is clear with her metaphors and is pretty concise. She does a lot of things with the planets, but this is one of her things I frequent.

Astrologer David Palmer’s youtube channel is wonderful. He does a daily forecast and has a live personality that is very fun and immersive. He does a lot of interesting things with his knowledge, one being a tarot/astrology house music session.

Lorna Bevin writes an awesome(!) daily forecast that you can get directly in your facebook news feed. As with the others she is clear and uses wonderful metaphor.

Planetwaves is a great site that hosts a variety of astrologers. I enjoy reading the daily oracle they provide. They are quick bites, that seem to speak to the moment at hand.

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